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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  February 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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lead up to the deadly shootg of an off-duty police officn his vallej developing news this noon hour. we're learning what led up to the deadly shooting of an off- duty police officer in his vallejo home. good afternoon, everyone. i'm michelle griego. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. a veteran richmond police officer was found dead as a homicide
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and attempted kidnapping in vallejo. anne makovec is live outside vallejo city hall where new information was provided. >> reporter: a lot of officers are mourning themselves this afternoon. we can every we learned a lot more about the man himself. gus vegas. a 58-year-old father, grandfather and foster father and a 15-year veteran of the richmond police department. he was shot to death in his home on narragansett court at 4:30 this morning. that's in the glen cove neighborhood of vallejo. the suspect is the father of vegas'6-year-old grandson whom police say was in the process of trying to kidnap the little boy. it appears vegas may have gotten in the way. after shooting vegas several times, the suspect took the boy to his home in fairfield, where he was arrested. later this morning, word went out to the richmond pd that they have lost one of their
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own. >> gus was, um, a very likeable always pleasant always in a good mood just really related to other people in a natural way, i never saw him have a bad day or be in a bad mood. >> reporter: the suspect in the case is in jail, robert vega, his 6-year-old son was taken into protectty custody as he was being arrested. the trauma that little boy went through is unimaginable. there were several family members home at the time of the shooting. we heard so many good things about vegas from his neighbors. he was a foster father, raised money for officers' families programs, foster programs, haven't heard a bad word. anne makovec, kpix 5. no break in the sierra lamar case yet. the teenager's disappearance in the news after human remains were found near gilroy. kpix 5's kiet do has the story.
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>> reporter: a pg&e crew discovered them working on a power line in a ditch at castro valley road. santa clara county sheriff's deputies describe it as cell cal remains. they couldn't give an age or say if it was male or female but their one solid clue the victim's teeth. >> we don't believe it is sierra lamar based upon visual dental work. >> reporter: sierra lamar the morgan hill teenager who went missing nearly four years ago was last seen walking to a bus stop in the predawn darkness near her home about 20 miles from the crime scene. her body has never been found but antolin garcia-torres is charged with her kidnapping and murder. they found a distinctive feature about the dental work. >> there was a gold cap or gold colored cap on the body and that's something that sierra lamar did not have. >> reporter: for volunteers who spent hours scouring the area for sierra, the news was
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bittersweet. >> this is a little bit of a relief but then yet again we still have hope. and we're never going to give up looking for sierra. >> reporter: the search team for sierra lamar consists of a dozen dedicated individuals who have been looking for four years. they say the search will continue until they bring sierra home. in gilroy, kiet do, kpix 5. stocks are taking a nosedive again today on wall street as concerns grow about global economic weakness that could hurt the growth here in the u.s. financial stocks and energy companies are taking big hits. let's check the numbers. it's down 264. kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks joins us to help explain what's going on, jason. >> reporter: frank, there are so many facets to this sell-off that we have seen in 2016. our 401(k) accounts taking a beating since the beginning of the year. there are a lot of concerns across the globe, weakening economic growth in china is a
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primary concern right there. their european banking system has a lot of exposure to emerging economies. those economies have been struggling. also because of the oil price falling. fed chair janet yellen illustrated this during two days of testimony to congress in which she said that global risks pose a threat to the u.s. economy. she still isn't taking another interest rate hike off the table saying the pace of hikes could slow down. investors may want to hear her be a little more aggressive in getting away from interest rate hikes. the price of oil is weighing on the energy sector although dow jones just reported that opec members may be open to production cuts. if that happens that could stimulate the price of oil. it wouldn't be good for consumers but it could be a decent sign for the economy as the energy industry has really fallen off losing about a quarter million jobs over the past year. back to you. >> the good news is the weekend
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is approaching. they will be closed on the weekend. >> we'll need some big rallies to make up for the nasty losses this week. >> thank you. a court hearing today on california's high-speed rail project. state officials are at odds with a group of central valley landowners. the landowners argue the $68 billion project defies a ballot measure voters approved in 2008. it says the train system would not require a state subsidy. today's hearing centers on a lawsuit the landowners filed five years ago. california's crab crisis is in the spotlight again. the topic was set to dominate a fisheries forum this morning at the state capital. politicians and industry experts attending stress the need for a disaster declaration. they are documenting how many fishermen and business owners are selling assets just to make ends meet. bart wants to make drivers pay up if they use a station lot during events at the oakland coliseum. right now drives pay 3 bucks to park at the coliseum station lot between 4 a.m.
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and 3 p.m. on weekday. but at a meeting today bart's board of directors is considering charging between $7 and $30 depending on the event. bart also plans to raise fines for parking violations. driving through what was once super bowl city will be smoother tonight. the sfmta says all the streets closed for super bowl activities will be back open this evening. market between beale and stewart, southbound embarcadero and parts of stewart have been off limits for weeks and good news for bus riders, regular muni service starts up again tomorrow morning. today president obama raised money in the bay area for fellow democrats after arriving last night going to two fundraisers today in the sillicon valley. one event for the democratic national committee happened at the home of former state controller steve wesley in atherton. this afternoon, mr. obama travels south to l.a. where he will raise more money and then tape an interview with comedian ellen degeneres. the democratic presidential candidates get ready to go head
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to head tonight in another debate while the republicans battle for votes in south carolina. marlie hall has the latest from the campaign trail. >> reporter: marco rubio rallied early this morning in south carolina. he is trying to rebound from his disappointing fifth place finish in new hampshire as the alternative to donald trump. >> it is my hope if elected president when elected president to try to unite this country as much as possible. >> reporter: jeb bush also attacked the front-runner's rhetoric. >> it's downright divisive, ugly and mean-spirited. >> reporter: polls show trump with a commanding lead in south carolina. >> i have spent less money than anyone else. and i'm number one. >> reporter: but in a state where two-thirds of gop voters describe themselves as born again or evangelical, ted cruz thinks he can win. >> the only candidate who can beat donald trump is me. >> reporter: john kasich, who came in second in new hampshire, is expected to have a tougher time among south
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carolina conservatives. >> democrats love to spend. republicans do, too. they just -- but they feel guilty when they do it. >> reporter: there are also questions about how bernie sanders will do among minority voters in the south. but the democratic socialist told scott pelley wednesday, he is confident. >> change always takes place when millions of people stand up and fight back. >> reporter: hillary clinton received a boost thursday morning with an endorsement from the black congressional caucus. >> hillary clinton wants to turn the page. she wants a new story line to emerge after this debate. >> reporter: between the endorsement and the debate, she is looking to put her new hampshire defeat behind her. marlie hall, cbs news, milwaukee. more than a dozen members of the congressional black caucus say they will be campaigning for clinton in south carolina. meanwhile, sanders getting financial support. in the 24 hours after the polls closed in new hampshire, he received more than $6 million in donations. scientists have just announced the discovery that was predicted by einstein a
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century ago. they have detected gravitational waves rippling across the universe! there's been indirect evidence of such waves since the 1970s. but now astro physicists have used two super sensitive instruments to find a wave caused by two black holes colliding! the crash happened more than a billion light-years from earth. and this discovery opens up a new way to observe the cosmos. still ahead back on dry land after their ship cruised right into the path of a big storm. >> i was on deck 8 and i could see the water coming up on our balcony. >> some passengers so happy to be back, they were kissing the ground. >> forget breaking and entering. one burglar tunnels in. the mistake that got him caught. >> from the kpix 5 studios in san francisco, good afternoon, everybody. see all those clouds? they will remain with us throughout the day today. that's why we call it partly cloudy. but i know you're thinking rain. i'll tell you when to expect it coming up. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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derailed this morning. two its cars overturned... in an one official at least 69 people were injured in egypt when this train derailed this morning. two cars overturned in a town south of cairo. one official says the train hit a cement wall. the conductor was arrested. it was suppose to be a dream cruise until their ship went right into the path of a dangerous storm. cbs reporter don champion with the passengers happy to finally be back on dry land. >> reporter: after a nightmare at sea, passengers of the anthem of the seas cruise ship are back on solid ground sharing tales of a dream caribbean vacation gone wrong. >> the wind was coming through the doors. we thought it was going to break the glass. we stuck on the sofa because we didn't think we was going to
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make it. >> reporter: the 200,000-ton liner set sail for the bahamas last weekend but got caught in a major winter storm in the atlantic. the vessel was battered by 30- foot waves and hurricane-force winds. >> i was on deck 8 and could see the water on our balcony. >> reporter: they spent hours on lockdown in the rooms while they navigated out of the storm. >> my sister and brothers were nervous. my mother had the mini bar. >> reporter: they are reviewing the policy about avoiding storms to make sure this never happens again. >> this it should never happen. we have to do better. we can ask guests coming to us for a dream vacation to experience those kinds of conditions. >> reporter: some passengers are done. >> i'm not going to hold it against 'em. i'm just never going to cruise again. >> reporter: the coast guard will inspect the ship before it goes on the next voyage this
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weekend. don champion, cbs news, bay john, new jersey. some burglars use a ski mask but how many tunnel through a taqueria? this was the scene in south sacramento where a man tunneled from a mexican restaurant into a neighboring mini-mart. surveillance video shows he took cash and some lotto tickets. but since he tripped an alarm on the way, a police k-9 unit had thrill trouble finding him nearby. he is now in custody. time now for a look at our forecast. . >> we have a high surf advisory tonight through saturday along the coastline. we have 12-foot swells onshore. pollen count for this thursday, it has lowered in comparison to yesterday but it will be
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increasing and especially high by sunday so if you have allergies, be mindful and prepared for the weekend. here's what you need to know about your thursday. partly cloudy breezes to 10 from the west today. cooler saturday. dry each and every day. this is an area of low pressure, sure, we have the storminess offshore. we have the rain showers. now clipping the northwestern section of the state of california. but we still have that huge dome of high pressure some of these clouds undercutting the ridge and that's why we have partly cloudy conditions. but that high pressure is actually contributing to temperatures in the 90s across southern california. so no rain for us. at least for the next 14 days. although i'm putting a minimal risk of light rain returning by late wednesday night into thursday morning. meanwhile, you have to wonder what it is is doing to the snowpack. we are 11% off from a week ago but we are still over 100%. that's healthy. high today 56 degrees on the
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south shore and north shore. lots of sunshine. we have 60s and 70s today. our outside number will be 75 degrees, experienced in los gatos and morgan hill. cooler each day and then monday pushing 80 inland. make it a great thursday. america's best golfers plus bill murray back in pebble beach today. round one of the at&t pro-am is on. famous players, passionate amateurs, are practicing for days now. they finally get to play for keeps today. the tournament runs through sunday and as you can see, great weather. summer olympics are in brazil this year and the olympic committee is hiring two infectious disease specialists to advise olympians about the risks and safety precautions to prevent the zika virus. earlier this week, u.s. soccer goalkeeper hope solo told
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sports illustrated that if the the olympics were now she wouldn't go. still ahead she credits animals for saving her life. how this week's jefferson award winner is returning the favor and helping the underdog. >> and we want to know what's cool about your school? email your nominations here at and we might come and feature your school on the show. we'll be right back. ,, ,,,,,,,,,,
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see what spam can! do... at specifically to the animals well, today's tip of the day is going to be is with apples. this time of year there are so many varieties of apples. a few years ago there were only
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a few varieties but now there's dozens and the pacific apple is beautiful. it looks beautiful and tastes great and it's one of the best apples to enjoy out of hand. ensure a dark pink color all the way around. shiny and tight skin and firm. when you bring them home, they look beautiful on the counter in a bowl. i say this all the time because apples do look beautiful. put them in the refrigerator. keep them at room temperature and they become mushy. and that you don't want. the shelf life is not as long as other apples so i would store them for just a few days so they stay nice and crunchy the whole way through. pacific rose apples. they are beautiful and taste better. and they are great for you. and i'm tony tantillo and always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy. five years ago a cancer survive decided she needed to give back specifically to the animals she felt had saved her
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life. five years ago a cancer survivor decided to give back. specifically, to the animals she felt had saved her life. this week's jefferson award winner splits her time being a corporate lawyer, a mother of three and a dog rescuer. allen martin has the story. >> hi. >> reporter: angela padilla has a special connection to her dogs. >> shelter dogs saved my life when i was struggling with cancer. >> reporter: diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002, she says volunteering with shelter dogs gave her a purpose, a distraction from her disease and treatment. >> when i was struggling with cancer and i was bald in chemo, i was sick and couldn't work, i was an underdog. >> reporter: so in 2010 when she was healthy again, she decided to return the favor and created family dog rescue to take in dogs from high kill shelters in the state. >> there's lots of groups that help healthy dogs and able dogs. but very few can help deaf dogs and blind dogs and sick dogs and injured dogs. and that's really the work of my heart. >> hi! >> reporter: she expanded to bring in dogs from the streets of mexico and guatemala. when angela was first looking for a kennel facility, she knew
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it was going to be too expensive to build one. so what she found was this kennel and office space that wasn't being used by the san francisco spca. >> good dog. >> reporter: family dog rescue adopts out 800 dogs a year. the wirth family including tim and daughter some of the oe were among the first family when is they found oscar. >> these dogs are -- need love and they have so much love to give. we got him, he was not quite a puppy. but you know, he joined our family and has just been an extraordinary addition. >> reporter: as for the future of family dog rescue, angela would like to expand spay and neuter programs to address the problem of too many dogs and she has another dream. >> i'd love to start a ranch up in one of the northern counties where we can accommodate larger dogs and do more educational programs for youth. >> reporter: so for taking in dogs that might not have had a chance to find homes and matching them with loving families, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to angela padilla.
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allen martin, kpix 5. >> you can make an appointment to go to the kennel or catch them at a mobile adoption event on the weekends. find more information at on we'll be right back. ,,,,,,
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consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains... that stor with oil prices tumble and green energy demand falling, oil prices tumbling, is now the time to buy solar? consumerwatch reporter julie watts explains that and much more coming up tonight at 5:00. >> that's it for kpix 5 news at noon. it's time to go out and enjoy the day. >> have a great day. captions by: caption colorado
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